Visit to Regional Assembly / Wine reception
The Regional Assembly of Murcia, based in Cartagena, is the autonomous parliament of the Region of Murcia. In its front stands out an Ardid’s sculpture, allegorical to Region of Murcia, located in a loggia profusely ornamented with tiles and wide glazed surfaces. The exterior part of the building is surrounded by a wall with depictions allusive to the different municipalities of Region of Murcia.


Guided Tour of Cartagena
There will be a tour from the historical centre of the city to the port and the maritime front of the walls of Carlos III. A visit to the room at the Naval Museum dedicated to the Submarine of Peral is essential (a must see in Cartagena), jointly with the visit to the old town and the ruins of the Cathedral, which permits to obtain a panoramic view of the Roman Theater of Cartagena.
The tour will be attended by an official guide of the tourist office.
Approximate duration of two hours.